Chloe T

Shirley has been my supervisor …. for over 10 years! Her coaching technique is extremely effective. Not only do the children show significant improvements, they very much enjoy her funny and interesting teaching methods.
- Pianist/conductor;via favebook

Terri C

l have always (10 years) appreciated the wit and spontaneous humor she used to challenge my intellect and thinking... No lessons with her had ever gone dull. I got to witness the authentic and creative ways she inspired young children and her multi-level leadership in creating and managing large scale concerts and musicals…. Shirley was once invited to my secondary school as the guest conductor… With her help, we won the championship. - Young Adult; via facebook


她的教學方法獨一無二,令人耳目一新。 她的課從不枯燥。 她教會了我如何鎮定自己,以及如何保持積極和開放的心態。 我得到了很多表演的機會。 這些經歷給了我力量,增強了我的信心。 Ms. Shirley是一束燦爛的陽光……用微笑、笑聲和音樂影響他人。
- High School Student; via facebook

Kaffee M

Miss Shirley一直給予Audrey 各種學習及表演的機會,令Audrey 有機會理解自己的 在Miss Shirley 的教導下已找到自己的目標! Miss Shirley 對小朋友的表現很有要求,但又不會為他們增添壓力…在表演前,總 和學生們在說笑在傾計,希望他們放輕鬆心情好好的表現。
- Mum; via facebook

I am very lucky to have all my three children taken tutelage from Miss Shirley over the past years since their very young age. Shirley is certainly a fun and a great teacher. She is very good at bringing the best of a young children. Besides being thankful to her for her precious teaching, I personally admire her greatly for the energy and courage she has in making many meaningful things for her students. Behind a great performer, a teacher stood. Shirley is surely the one whom we owe the confidence, achievements and interest my children have in music and stage performances.