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Whing Resilience
Life-hacking courses

What is best for me?

Our heart-brain balanced, experiential learning courses include

  • 5-10 modules of LIVE/Online learning materials
  • Worksheets
  • Self-guided videos between 5-30 minutes long
  • Meditation music / Emotional Freedom Tapping samples
  • Q & A Support


Take a look at sample modules from LIFE ENGINEER

Module 1

It’s 100% on Me

Module 2

WHAT does my TRUE SELF want and WHY?

Module 3


Module 4

Design Masterful GOALS and BUILD Powerful HABITS

Module 5

See, Attract & Get solely WHAT I WANT

Start maximizing your 
‘FORCE’  like Yoda


Am I a good candidate for the LIFE CEO course?

YES, if:

  • You feel alone, helpless, sad, worried, angry or lost often
  • You want to change your life for the better but feeling like a victim who has no control of your life, you don’t know where to start.
  • You have a hard time attracting or keeping money flowing into your life
  • You’ve been bullied or undermined at work or at home; you feel fearful and super stressed
  • You have been stuck with obstacles, fears, and doubts
  • You want more respectful and loving relationships 
  • You subdue your voice and hide your disappointments and anger to avoid discomfort
  • You are starting a new job, relationship or new business; you want more clarity, confidence and ‘good luck’
  • Friends have achieved great results with the  Law of Attraction but you haven’t, so you’re skeptical. 


How do I sign up?

Book your consultation
Fill out a questionnaire and schedule a zoom call to find the best course

Course Dates:
Life Engineer
: Second week of Jan, April, July and October 2024  
Life Magician or Life CEO (1-on-1): Any time

Class Size:
Under 20 individuals for LIVE online coaching classes or Q & A

Workbooks, PPTs, Music, Videos

Admission Age:
Youth Version (ages 11-18)
Adult Version (ages 19 and up)

Price Range:
Life Magician
US$868  (value at US$1,900)
Life Engineer US$1,488  (value at US$2,800)
Life CEO  To Be Confirmed (US$2,568 and up)
(Bonus : US$845  worth of materials)
Sign up before Jan 01, 2024 and get America’s most comprehensive
Social-Emotional Intelligence Assessment FREE: valued at US$150)

Make online payments to secure your spot, then start

Only 5 spots available before Jan 01, 2024.

The time to “Engage, Explore and Evolve” is now.

Are you ready to create what you want in life for real? 
Two world-class tools have saved me. They can also help you:

• discover your blindspots and mental traps that stress you out and hold you back
• boost must-have EQ and Social Intelligence skills that will maximize your personal and professional value in the A.I. age
• master 10 world-class success principles proven to double income and free time, boost joy, relationships, health and job/academic performance

I want to book a FREE 30-min. consultation(value at US $200) NOW !
Only 5 spots available before Dec 30, 2023.

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