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!Use Your Force on Lady Luck!

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Have you ever had that “Eureka!” moment where your worries melt like lemon drops? Or perhaps you’ve fantasized about giving bullies the boot? Hey, single friends, ever find yourself praying for Cupid to strike you with his arrow soon?

Back in the day, I was the reigning queen of fretting. As a curious kiddo, I’d watch my grandma pore over the Chinese Almanac, a mystical tome akin to the Akashic Records. She’d use it to make every little decision, from the mundane to the monumental, not just for herself but for our whole family. 

For years, I left everything up to fate, but it all came crashing down: my marriage, my physical well-being and even my mental health. But guess what? When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I met some incredible coaches who taught me how to stop playing victim. At age 49, I finally became the CEO of my life, and my lucky streak didn’t stop there! 

The truth is, we can all supercharge our life force and invite LUCK in. Want in on the action? Here’s how you can do it too!

Step ONE: Understand 3 elements of “LUCK”

1: The Magic of High Popularity

  • Luck is energy, and our thoughts and emotions influence this energy.
  • Mencius, the renowned Chinese philosopher, famously stated that in order to succeed, we must have “TIME, PLACE, and PEOPLE” working in unison. Of those three, PLACE ranks above TIME, whereas PEOPLE takes the gold. Success and Happiness boil down to nurturing healthy relationships, making companionship the ultimate game-changer.
  • With each tick of the clock, we encounter decisions that move us from being passive victims of circumstance to active creators of our own destiny. The key is making the choice that empowers you. 
  • The Hippocampus in the brain is responsible for memory. Through multi-sensory stimulation, we can reinforce the memory of being lucky. (Neuroscientist Nobuko Nakano, “the person with the most outstanding brain in Japan” )
  • The law of attraction is like 5G connectivity to your dreams, but the real key to unlocking it is syncing your beliefs, emotions, talents, and habits with the reality you crave (tuning to the same frequency as your goals). This magic formula can supercharge your manifesting powers, helping your desires sail into view with ease and lightning speed. Remember! This prep work saves you wasted time, efforts and even unwanted results and tears.

Declare daily: I’m becoming more and more popular every day!


There is something in Chinese Astrology called ‘Nine Luck Cycles’. Like the 4th Industrial Revolution which has begun and will continue to transform our lives, the 9th LUCK or “Fire Luck” has started. It is believed to affect our luck from 2024 to 2043. 

Experts such as Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research show that 50% of the world’s industries and labor will be replaced or transformed by AI; at the same time, Goldman Sachs Research predicts that China will have the world’s largest GDP in 2050. 

When great opportunities come, if we learn to be excited instead of worried or panicked, we will have great luck. Like “FIRE”, we can quickly expand our horizons and boldly learn new knowledge and new skills.

Who or which industries are going to be favored by Lady Luck during Ninth LUCK?  Women in their 30s to 60s will rise to power. If you engage in  hosting and speaking, online education, film and television media, culture, art, advertising, lighting, photography, the beauty industry, anti-aging, ophthalmology/vision industry, medicine, mental health, high-tech, virtual currency, electronics, aerospace, internet-related services, virtual currency, catering, and traveling, you’ll be having 20 years of a great ride. 

Shine brightly from the inside out

Set Your Style Aglow

Popularity ( as known as Cherry Blossom Luck in Chinese) refers to your aura, energy, temperament, appearance, likeability, charm and that 007 type sex appeal.  

To flourish in the next 20 years, pay attention to your physical fitness and mental health. They enhance your ‘chi’ or vitality and heart energy. This is why EQ skills like self awareness, stress management, resilience, optimism, bias for change and creativity are all extremely important. 

On the other hand, work on your aura or temperament. Acquire good taste in fashion and prioritize personal care, taking great care of your skin, hair, teeth, nails and hair. Be clean and hygienic and yes, look and smell fresh at all times.

Don’t forget to be a star both in person and online! Optimize your body  posture and demeanor. Carry yourself with elegance and show a generous spirit in public places at all times. You never know who is watching you!

SMILE!!  It’s free and it’s powerful!  Be sincere, friendly, and kind with your smiles. 

Fashionista or not, take a good look at your closets and only keep clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. Mark off a couple of ME time in your calendar to play with new styles and colors.

To fuel your luck, wear WARM colors like yellow, red, orange, pink, violet, lavender and light green. Avoid cool colors like gray, dark brown, blue, or black. 

Last but not least, have FUN with accessories!  Use them to spur up work uniforms or a rainy day. For men in particular, if you cannot wear bright colored shirts or pants, apply color to your shoes, socks, scarves, sport bags, eyeglass frames, computer case, phone cases, and so forth. 

Daily affirmation: I embrace drops of joy and bliss every day!

Pumping your FORCE with Bursts of Colors!

Our brains are hardwired to notice objects that contrast in color with their surroundings. Colors helped our ancestors search for food or potential danger, increase our appetite and affect our taste sensitivity. Additionally, color is a valuable marketing tool. Have fun with it by encouraging yourself to try on bright color combinations.  Let’s be honest, we can all use more popularity in the workplace or more luck in love. And when all we need is applying bright color combinations to naturally exude high confidence, cheerfulness and high energy, why not?!

Boost 3 important Social Skills (SQ) 


  • Be considerate and pay attention to other people’s emotions and feelings
  • Put yourself in other people’s shoes
  • Refrain from criticizing, judging, or ignoring the opinions of others. Always take a step back and consider others from both a logical and emotional standpoint
  • Feel what a person or group of people is feeling
  • Seek to understand first, offer help later


  • Keep a calm and open mind, and listen carefully to other people’s opinions 
  • Pay attention to the speaker’s tone of voice and maintain friendly eye contact
  • Listen without disturbing others or multitasking
  • Repeat what is said, clarify what others mean Genuine curiosity, ask questions
  • Promote trust and understanding rather than proving to be smarter/better than others

3.Serve with Gladness

  • Help by giving time, attention, and positive energy to others
  • Even if there is no immediate reward, offer help to improve someone else’s mood or situation
  • Make others feel important, appreciated and respected
  • Habitually greet others in a friendly and polite manner (Whatsapp, emails, social media conversations and in-person conversations all included)

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