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Use 5 Powerful Steps to

Boost Joy,
and Love NOW


Use 5 Powerful Steps to

Boost Joy,
Confidence and Love NOW


I want superb tools to help me feel and do my best today!

(SEIZE opportunities for abundance & joy without delay)


STRESS and WORRY LESS every day


Boost LOVE and JOY with


what I want with ease

About Shirley

Hi there, I’m Shirley Whing CHOW. I founded Whing Resilience Success Coaching because I used to be a ‘Worrior’ (pun intended). Emerging from the depths of pessimism, PTSD and depression to the pinnacle of unshakeable confidence and joy, I am happy and honored to guide single women, devoted parents and youth to do the same.

Join me in becoming your own Life Engineer, where you’ll apply world-class tools to build a life of love and joy.  Embrace the awe of becoming a Life Magician, where you’ll ignite your best self to attract what you want. Start fostering top-notch EQ and Social Skills to level up your life consistently.

3 Amazon bestselling books

7 international awards

Most Recent​

Catch that Joy and Success Thief Red-handed!

Has this ever happened to you? It’s Christmas and your extended family members showed up. Cousins you’ve not seen for a whole year started bragging about sight-seeing in Europe, taking cross-country road trips and winning trophies and championships at school.

!Use Your Force on Lady Luck!

Have you ever had that “Eureka!” moment where your worries melt like lemon drops? Or perhaps you’ve fantasized about giving bullies the boot? Hey, single friends, ever find yourself praying for Cupid to strike you with his arrow soon?

Watch & Transcend NOW

Start upgrading your success mindset and habits TODAY

Life Engineer is a Live + Online Transformation Course that helps you achieve what you want with ease. It is based on 3 top-notch personal and professional transformation tools :

** Jack Canfield’s Success Principles
** America’s most trusted Social-Emotional Intelligence assessment and training
** The Neuroscience of Confidence

Life is like a combination lock; your job is to find the right numbers, in the right order, so you can have everything you want.

(Brian Tracy - Iconic American Life & Business Coach)​


LIFE Magician, Life ENGINEER , and Life CEO are Live ONLINE / In-person Transformation Courses

The systems we used have helped 2 million individuals and companies in 36 countries transform successfully.


Become a

Happy Life CEO

Confident Voice Coach | Global Speaker | Author | Success Principles - Life CEO Trainer

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Hong Kong Success Stories

Suffered panic attacks and spinal injury due to workplace bullying, feeling lost in life
In 4 months, overcame her fear by 70%, quit her job to attend her dream baking school, AND realized her dream of working and traveling in Japan in 11 months.
(11 months)

Mandy L (a young professional)

worried about cash flow, urgently needed to enroll 60 students over Easter holidays
Enrolled 60 students in 1 month, making HK$72,000
(1 month)

Win Wong (a magic school owner)

Physical sick worrying about son’s high school entrance exam and lack of self motivation
Improved learning attitude, relationship with son and physical health in under 1 month
(1 month)

Mrs. Lai (the mother of a 6th grader)

Stressed and hitting roadblocks in improving finances quickly and staying close to his children
Limiting beliefs replaced by self love and optimism, quickly finding consistent green in his investment portfolio and improved connection with children

Bill Chan (a single dad)

Did not believe he could recover from Urticaria (acute hives) and take mum on vacation within 3 months
Recovered and enjoyed a fantastic Japanese vacation with mum in 2.5 months
(2.5 months)

Castle Chow (Construction project supervisor)


Am I a good candidate for the

LIFE CEO course ?​

YES, if

  • You feel alone, helpless, sad, worried, angry or lost often
  • You want to change your life for the better but feeling like a victim who has no control of your life, you don’t know where to start.
  • You have a hard time attracting or keeping money flowing into your life
  • You’ve been bullied or undermined at work or at home; you feel fearful and super stressed
  • You have been stuck with obstacles, fears, and doubts
  • You want more respectful and loving relationships 
  • You subdue your voice and hide your disappointments and anger to avoid discomfort
  • You are starting a new job, relationship or new business; you want more clarity, confidence and ‘good luck’
  • Friends have achieved great results with the Law of Attraction but you haven’t, so you’re skeptical. 
( value at  US $200 )

ONLY 5 SPOTS available per month!



The time to “Expand, Explore and Evolve” is now.

Are you ready to create what you want in life for real?
Two world-class tools have saved me and millions from self doubts and inaction. If I can do it, so can you!


  • **Waking up every morning feeling confident and AM-powered
  • Loving and accepting yourself unconditionally
  • **Building stronger, healthier relationships
  • **Achieving your goals with ease and grace
  • **Creating a life filled with joy, success, and fulfillment

Build and boost the new you with:

  • Life Engineer: Design the life you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Life Magician: Transform your limiting beliefs and manifest your desires.
  • Life CEO: Take charge of your happiness and well-being.

You are born to thrive. Let’s JEDI up your magic together!

I WANT my FREE 30-min. consultation NOW ! ( value at US $200 )

Only 5 spots available per month!


Powerful Steps to
Boost Joy,
Confidence and

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